Flash3: Queer Drive

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Flash3: Queer Drive

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  • $66, get one send 10 / bronze prize

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  • $306, get one send 50 / gold prize

  • $666, get one send 110 / grandest prize


One guiding principle of Glass Press is presenting content that works past surveillance and censorship. The files are transmitted through the drive privately, intimately. From hand to hand. The intimacy and privacy mimics early queer mailings like The Ladder. Individuals who may have never met another lesbian or trans person before were suddenly connected to a network of other people like them.



We are entering a time of complete surveillance and censorship. Although this network was formed under previous presidents, not lately have we had a vice president who believes in gay conversion therapy. Although the U.S. is based on a history of white supremacy, we were still dismayed at the rhetoric that has gained approval from much of the country. Glass Press would like to begin our fight against the patriarchal hetero white supremacy of this country.


Alex Schmidt of BodyConfidence approached us with an idea for a collaborative project, birthing FLASH3: QueerDrive. The idea merges our mutual ethos of community building, intimacy, and open communication.   


FLASH3 will be filled with LGBTQ+ affirming anti-racist writing, images, music, & everything possible!!!! The drive will be sent (at no cost) for Valentine's Day to Gay Straight Alliances in high schools around the world. We continue the typical Glass Press “In The Red” budget on this endeavor. 

Ships February 14, 2017. 


********** If you would like the drives you purchase to go to a specific high school/ state/ area of the country, let us know in the Additional Info box! Also, if you would like to include a note to the high schools write one there and we will print it and send!!!! ******


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